In Partnership with J'adore Flower Wall,  the highest quality and most realistic faux flowers.


The Lina wall is our most classic flower wall filled with roses in white, cream, and ivory. This flower wall is perfect for our wedding clients looking for the classic all-white look. Lina is sure to stand out!



The Jolie wall is inspired by natural and soft color palettes and arranged for a real-life look with depth and beauty. Jolie has a unique mix of roses and peonies, soft green foliage for a "rustic" look.



The Audrey wall is all about rustic chic inspired florals. Delicate cream, pink, and white roses mixed with green foliage and baby breath flowers. This flower wall reminds us of a beautiful garden wall. 



The Valentina wall is a rose-lover's dream filled with a blend of blush, cream, and pink roses that are beautifully arranged to give it the perfect and sweet look! This flower wall is sure to give your event the classic "glam" look! 



The Charlotte wall is a mix of blush, grey, pink, lilac and white floral, succulents, peonies, roses and sprigs.

There are many intricate pieces in this design, from large white anemones and real touch hydrangea.



The Isabelle wall is a sweet mix of creams, blushes, lilacs, peaches and pinks in around 10 different kinds of roses. What makes Isabelle so unique is how many different roses go into one panel and expertly placed.